After my very first weekend of shooting boudoir, I understood the power this type of photography can have. I watched women walk in apologizing for their stretch marks and cellulite and by the time the left, they were ready to demand their partner take them out on a date that night! I have watched gals time and time again walk in to their reveal session nervous and by the time they see their first round of photos, they are all smiles. Loving yourself is not always easy, but it is always worth the effort. 

There is just something special about deciding to do something a little scary. And I get it...this is scary! So let me try to answer a few questions I often get to demystify some parts of the process! 


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Wooooooo girl, I feel you!! Good news is that posing is 100% my job. I will place everything from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. I will tell you where to look and tell dorky jokes to get a really big smile! 

This is one of the reasons I LOVE that the first hour you are with me, it is hair and makeup time. It gives you a chance to relax instead of walking in the door and immediately dropping your drawers. Being nervous is totally normal, but you are going to feel damn good by the end of it! 



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In addition to the lingerie guide I will send you, I am available to do pre-session consults with you about wardrobe.  We also have a client wardrobe!! 

We also have a super fun group on facebook called Franz with Benefits and we share all sorts of lingerie links and inspiration within the group. Maybe you hate the idea of lingerie? We can have fun styling items that are not traditional lingerie such as sweaters, jeans, tank tops, and more. 


Can you help with Lingerie?

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Right now, duh! If you have a deadline to have your final products in hand, your session should be about six weeks before that deadline. I book up to a year in advance and many gals love to book early so they can use it as a motivator towards goals.

You can also get access to great bonuses through the BOUDIE BANK, which is our pre-payment plan. 



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Get it, giiiiirrrrlll!! I often take nude portraits and they can be oh-so-beautiful! Some boudoir babes want to go this route and some do not. It is totally up to you! 

You will receive a questionnaire before your session and you can let me know what you are comfortable with. On session day, we typically start out with an outfit that feels less reveals and go from there. So do not worry. you do not have to leave your pants at the door. 


What about going au naturel?!

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That works out well because none of the women you see me post photos of are models! These are real women who are moms, students, scientists, teachers, and so much more.

Every women deserves to be a boudoir babe and you can be next! 


What if I'm totally not a model?

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Do you share my images?

What products do you offer?

Do you offer digitals?

Will you photoshop my images?

Will hair and makeup be provided?

No way! The photos you see are online are women who have decided to sign a model release. You can do that if you want to, but you will never be pressured to share your images. 

Ooooo the goodies are one of my favorite parts! Overwhelmingly, our luxury albums are the most purchased product. Additionally, you can purchase wall art, portfolio boxes, and press cards. When you come in for your session, you can see samples of everything available. 

Absolutely. I love offering digitals in my collections and you will have printing rights to those images as well! That means if you want to print some extra cards in the future or send a flirty text, you can totally do it. 

The goal of this whole party is to help you love yourself a little more. Because of that, editing is typically limited to temporary issues like bruises, scrapes, or blemishes. If you are especially worried about a specific thing such as stretch marks or cellulite, we can work to accomplish beautiful, flattering images through posing and lighting. 

Yes! I have a professional hair and makeup artist come to the studio on the day we shoot. You get to arrive and get pampered for the first hour you are there. This is perfect for calming the nerves and feeling a little extra confident. It is honestly part of the process!! Plus, I work specifically with artists who are trained to ensure your makeup looks great on camera! 


The session fee is $350. That investment includes reserving your session, professional hair and makeup, lingerie guide, pre-session consultation, and our time together! 

All images in products, including digitals are purchased separately.
Product options begin at $250.
The average client investment is $1,500 



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