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For as long as I can remember, I have loved to teach and make people laugh! Sometimes that was on stage as a performer and now it is with a camera. I love to teach people step by step so they can achieve final images they love and I am going to hype you all the way up while we do it! I am loud, I smile with my whole face, and I am really good at helping my clients see the best in themselves. 

My favorite moment of every session is when I show you an image on my camera for the first time. It is the beautiful moment where I get to see you accept that you are beautiful. I get to see you realize you do not have to feel like shit about yourself. I get to see you believe you really are worth it. 

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Tell those negative thoughts it is time to f*ck off

As cheesy as it may sound, for better or for worse, this is your body - and it’s time to find peace. My mission is to help you find freedom through photos (and a little bit of self-love.) 

While I wish we could all wake up everyday and love what we see in the mirror (myself included) that is hardly ever the reality. This is where boudoir comes in. Boudoir is a chance to celebrate the body and story you have. The body that is with your from your first day to your very last. It deserves to be celebrated. 

Step behind the camera with me, and get the chance to look at yourself and LOVE what you see. 

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Join the best party on the internet with our private facebook group. You get to see behind the scenes, check out great lingerie finds, and have a lot of fun in our growing community. 

target Challenge

The perfect
Hair + Makeup

Does the thought of going to a lingerie store or shopping online seem stressful to you? I’ve got you covered! Check out this entire session that used only items found at Target. Because who doesn’t need another excuse to go to Target

Check out why we offer hair and makeup in the studio. Also get a list of tips to make sure your session goes perfectly when it comes to hair removal, tanning, and feeling your best! 

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Not sure what to wear for a session? Snag your copy of the ultimate Lingerie List with over 50 online retailers (for all shapes and sizes) to help you find the perfect piece for your session.