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The only thing that fires me up more than showing people how beautiful they are is helping other photographers do the same! If you are ready to level up your business, offer a great experience to your clients, and make a sh*t ton of money along the way, you are in the right place! 

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Model Call 

Make the most out of every session with a model release. This list will make sure you stay on track to make 10+ unique pieces of content from every shoot. 


Working with
HMU Artists

Set your sessions up for success by putting your client’s at ease, establishing open communication, and setting expectations with this simple script. 

Your hair and makeup artists are a large part of your team. This guide will help you interview artists, establish clear expectations “on set,” and build a solid relationship. Additionally, this includes tips to pass on to your clients for a successful hair and makeup experience. 

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Cloudspot is my gallery service provider which means they help me get digital products safely to my clients. Privacy and trust is so important with boudoir photography and I am thankful for a partner that puts me and my clients first. I'm a Cloudspot Ambassador and so proud to stand by a company that stands by small business owners! 

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I use this program to send all of my contracts, invoices, collect payments, client emails, schedule clients and collect all of my leads. I could not imagine running my business without it. Not only do they provide a great product, their customer support is incredibly responsive and helpful.

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If you are looking for an easy way to send beautiful emails, Flodesk is it. You can create emails from templates or from scratch, easily create automated workflows, and review all of your metrics to learn more about your audience. The best part is you are never charged more just because your list gets bigger!

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Clickup is a great task management system! You can choose from a variety of ways to view your information. My favorite part about Clickup is how easy it is to manage teams. This is the hub for all tasks within my business that involve my teammates. This is also a great place to store any reoccurring tasks along with SOPs. 


Speed up your editing workflow with robots on your side! Imagen learn's with you and gets better and better as you go. The truth is, AI is not only here to stay, it is improving everday. Use every tool available to improve your work-life balance and serve your clients well! Imagen edits weddings in approximately 10 minutes. 

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Redtree is my go-to for all of the albums in my business. They have an extremely high-quality product and I have had great experiences with their customer service. Best of all, the have a specific system for handling files of boudoir images. I know my images are safe with Redtree and that means the world to me! 




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Get the help and accountability you need, tailored exactly to where you are in your business. I have a variety of mentoring packages including business coaching and live shooting options.

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