Literally, I have got you from head to toe! Your boudoir experience begins before you even step foot in the studio. I am going to make sure you feel prepared to pick out the perfect wardrobe pieces, feel physically ready and emotionally hyped for your big day! Once you arrive, we take care of everything including professional hair and makeup on-site, a studio wardrobe available for use, a private venue, step-by-step guidance for posing and even help nailing those perfect facial expressions!

My job is to make you look and feel great… and I am really good at my job. 

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Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, "Oh, I'm too spooky." Or, "Nobody wants to see these tiny boobies." But, believe me, one day you will look at those photos with much kinder eyes.

- moira rose, schitt's creek

girl, I get it...

You feel like your body is not enough

If you are like me, you always have a goal running in the back of your mind. Run further, gain muscle, lose weight, take better care of your skin, buy nicer clothes, try a new hair style… the list goes on. And with lists like that, it is always easy to convince yourself you will celebrate your body during the next chapter. But what if your best friend told you she felt this way? Your immediate advice would be to celebrate NOW. And that is just what we are going to do. We are going to throw a f*cking party for your body and all the things it has done for you! 

I'm ready!

(or too much)

Reach out through the contact form on my website and let me know you ready for a boudoir session! I am going to respond back with all the details! After you review the information, you can reach out through email or schedule a phone call if you have any additional questions. I want you to book with CONFIDENCE. 

Pick your magical-boudoir-date and pay your session fee to seal the deal! Now you have a date in the studio with me and my hair and makeup team reserved just for you. Sessions can be booked up to 18 months in advance and I advise booking a session date a minimum of 5 weeks before you need your final products. 

I will send you resources to help you shop for the perfect wardrobe pieces as well as guide you to suggested timelines for things like hair removal and tanning. You will receive my lingerie guide helping you understand different terms and options in the lingerie world as well as non-traditional options such as sweaters or your favorite t-shirt. 



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How it works

It is finally your day!! You will arrive to the studio at 9 a.m. to enjoy pampering by our hair and makeup team. I will help you make a plan for the wardrobe pieces your brought with you and away we go!

Come back to the studio to throw a party for your images! You get to see all of your edited images and we work together to design your products such as you album right there together! No emails back and forth with proof and proof. By the time you leave, your order is ready to go! This part of the experience can also be done through Zoom for my traveling clients. 

Your beautiful products are ready! You can choose to pick them up at the studio or have them mailed to an address of your choosing. Trust me, there is nothing like seeing your beautiful images printed in real life! 



they're here!



the big reveal



session day


once i saw the first
picture I was like....

watch me


I've got you

so you can get uncovered...

You are taken care of from head to toe... literally.
Things I take care of so you don't have to:

Professional onsite hair and makeup 

Private curated venue

Access to client wardrobe 

Posing (this is 100% on me) 

wondering about my co-star?

meet jolene

She is my handy dandy studio companion that helps show off all things studio wardrobe. Sure... sometimes I walk in at night and she scares me half to death (and I am super jealous she never has to shave) but I wouldn't trade her for the world. Check out Jolene showing off her favorite outfits that you can wear for your session! You read that right, I have a size-inclusive, studio wardrobe my clients gain access too!

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Join the best party on the internet with our private facebook group. You get to see behind the scenes, check out great lingerie finds, and have a lot of fun in our growing community. 

target Challenge

The perfect
Hair + Makeup

Does the thought of going to a lingerie store or shopping online seem stressful to you? I’ve got you covered! Check out this entire session that used only items found at Target. Because who doesn’t need another excuse to go to Target

Check out why we offer hair and makeup in the studio. Also get a list of tips to make sure your session goes perfectly when it comes to hair removal, tanning, and feeling your best! 

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Not sure what to wear for a session? Snag your copy of the ultimate Lingerie List with over 50 online retailers (for all shapes and sizes) to help you find the perfect piece for your session.